In the land of oranges


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Angele Hazboun (94), and her sister Odette (79), currently live in seclusion.
they fled to the small town of Bethlehem, Palestine where they have lived their lives since being forced out of their hometown, Jaffa, decades ago. Now older and weary from their circumstances, these women address the camera to tell their story in an attempt to remind us of the past and reconnect with the life they once knew.


Directed by:
Editing, shooting, production: Nadir Mauge
Soundtrack: Reem Kelani
Language: Palestinian
Running time: 15 minutes
File resolution:


Film festivals

- Finalist in Nazra Palestine Short Film Festival (Italy 2018)
- Ciné Palestine (France 2016)
- D.C. Palestinian Film and Art Festival (USA 2016)
- Toronto Palestine film festival (Canada 2017)
- Balkans Beyond Borders (Greece 2017)
- San Jose State University (USA 2017)
- Bristol Palestine film festival (United Kingdom 2018)
- Al Ard Film Festival (AAFF), (Italy 2019)