The Violoncello’s King


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Gaetano Braga, was an italian cellist and composer who at the end of the 19th century revolutionized the world of music and went on to become The Violoncello’s King. Despite the fact that all the greatest artists (like Chechov and D’Annunzio) have recognized its artistic stature, time has eclipsed his history. After a century a young descendant sets out on the trail of the forgotten Maestro. He believes his genetic codes are connected to his ancestor and for this reason he thinks he can become a great cellist.


Directed by:
Subject: Giuliano Braga
Editing: Claudio D'Elia
Cinematography: Ugo Lo Pinto
Original Soundtrack: Gaetano Braga played by Francesco Leineri, Alessandro Muller, Fiammetta Tofoni, Ferruccio Vignanelli
Production: Tauron Entertainment
Language: Italian
Running time: 57 minutes
File resolution: