Waiting Area


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Waiting area is a documentary shooted in Greece during the spring 2016. The video shows and reports the conditions of thousands of migrants and asylum seekers who try to reach others European countries. A waiting area Is usually a place where you wait to take a train, a plane, a ferry to reach another place. In spring 2016 Greece became a huge waiting area for thousands of migrants. The safe passage which use to be before is changed in a cage.


Directed by: ,
Story and edited by: Roberto Ognissanti, Laura Basta
Original music: Stefania Sanna, Greta Marzano, Davide Richichi, Nicolandrea Onorato, Paolo Cobre, Roberto Ognissanti, Francesco Zenga, Balkan Balagan, Pepe Frias, Steep, Lohstana David, Roller Genoa, The Bad Bastards, Freeky Clean & Dikley F., Paolo Pavan, Gattaka, Seastock
Production: INsensINverso, YoMigro
Language: Italian, English
Running time: 50 minutes