A mountain of lies


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Between 2003 and 2009, a group of videomakers documented the so-called “garbage emergency” in Campania to unveil the mechanisms underneath it, to investigate the responsibilities of 15 years of “extraordinary management”. A show worth billions of euros and dozens of trials. But where do the garbage end? What are the wounds of a wasteland and the damage for the health of millions of people? The biggest environmental disaster in Western Europe told by the voices of the community. The assault to public funds, democracy’s blind spots, the boycott of recycling, the collusion with Eco-mafia and the proposals of who is seriously thinking about the alternatives. And if “living in an emergency” was just a stratagem to make profit?


Directed by:
Camera operators: Luca Manunza, Raffaele Aspide
Edited by: Simone Veneroso
Audio post-production: Marco Della Monica
Reportage photographies: Eduardo Castaldo
Original music: Marco Messina (99posse)
Language: Italian
Production company:
Running time: 77 minutes