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Shooted in Susa Valley (Piedmont, Italy) between years 2011 and 2013, edited with the benefit of time distance, Corridor 5 is a voices’ mosaic that portraits a population living in the bellybutton of a conflict, between local territory’s and transnational’s interests, more and more ordinary worldwide, so to turn this specific situation to a symbolic one. The audience is guided, by the antropologist Marc Auge’s voice, on a discovering journey where historycal tendencies meet particular reality, to have a look on a territorial and social permutation imposed by modern globalization, overcoming the inhabitants’ wills, with the purpose not just to side with, but to better understand the present time we’re living in.


Directed by:
Subject: Manuel Coser, Simone Bauducco
Editing: Manuel Coser, Daniele Segre
Soundtrack: Micamat
Cinematography: Emanuele Segre
Production: Coser, Bauducco
Language: Italian, french
Running time: 30 minutes
File resolution:


Film festivals

- Terra di Tutti Film Festival 2016
- Nuovi Mondi Film Festival 2016
- PiemonteMovie - Too short to wait 2017