Scampìa Felix


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Scampia, north suburbs of Naples. In 1983 Felice Pignataro, muralist, creative, artist at the service of the “lasts”, of those with no voice promotes, with Gridas, a block carnival, born to provide an identity to the progressive urbanization of the peripheral countryside. After more than 30 years, Scampia Carnival Parade still remains a fixture, a collective moment of choral fight for the many souls flourished during the years, who enrich it with significance. A seed sprouted also in other city blocks, which inspired the coordination between various “social carnivals”, ideally connecting their Parades.

The aim is to mix the allegorical irony of Carnival, together with daily fights for the social redemption of these areas.


Directed by:
Editing and cinematography: Francesco Di Martino
Shooting: Francesco Di Martino, Silvia Bellotti, Rosario D’Angelo, Claudia Brignone
Music: ‘o Rom (feat Daniele Sanzone e Pino Ciccarelli), Sebastiano Bell’Arte, Corrado Confalonieri, Cornelia Muller, BandaBaleno - Murga di Napoli e la parodia “‘a Piazza” di Gianni Tarricone (arrangiamenti di Claudio Romano)
Artwork: Luca Pignataro
Color Correction: Corrado Iuvara
Post Audio: Claudio Cadei
Translations: Sophia Rose Seymour, Marta Melina, Giulia Delfini
With: Gennaro Muto
And the participation of: ARCI Scampia, Centro Hurtado, Centro Territoriale Mammut, Chi rom e… chi no, Circolo Legambiente “La Gru”, Comitato Vele, Ass. Dream Team – Donne in rete, Officina delle Culture “Gelsomina Verde”, Ass. (R)esistenza Anticamorra, VodiSca, Volontari per Napoli ripuliAmo Napoli e del Giardino Liberato di Materdei…and many more.
Production: GRIDAS
Language: Italian
Production company:
Running time: 75 minutes