Antifaboxe 10


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In October of 2011, inside Askatasuna social centre in Turin, the “Antifa Boxe” people’s gym was born.

The movie about the gym is made from different material gathered through the years from different people and with different targets, from documenting the important moments of comparison (boxing nights, away matches), to amateur videos of coalescence moments (dinners, parties, refurbishment) or of political commitment (demonstrations, picket lines). New interviews were also shot between 2008 and 2011 that make the skeleton of the movie.

The movie tries to tell a path made of sports and politics in which the human experiences of the gym cross with the political and social events of the last 10 years.


Directed by:
Camera operators: Francesco Tealdi, BT Abramo
Other operators: Ivan Augello, Emanuele Buganza, Luciano Somma, Pierpaolo (Infoaut), Vincenzo Cicanese
2011 interviews: BT Abramo, Francesco Tealdi, Alessandra Corgiat (“Killcoffee Video”)
Photographies: Giulio Cicanese, Flavia Sistilli, Alessandro Monte, Alejandro Tamagno
Musical counseling: Francesco Carillo, Alberto Lisanti, Ale Jazzatron Raise
Soundtrack: Ultima Ripresa, Egin, Elfa, Jazztron, Marasma, Trash We Can
Produced by: APA – Anonima Produzioni Autonome
Language: Italian
Running time: 50 minutes