The Last Cangaceiro


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After losing his house for the construction of the Olympic Park in London in 2012, Michael is strongly engaged in the resistance campaign against the Games. His aim to be the voice over on a documentary about the Brazilian situation under the invasion of Fifa World Cup 2014 and Rio Olympics 2016, forces him to leave behind Maria, with whom he has a troubled relationship.
Facing a life crisis, Michael finds shelter in Brazilian culture, progressively releasing himself and becoming ready to resist the Oppressor, as he transforms into the Last Cangaceiro.
As in 1571, when the Ottoman Empire and the Holy League fought for Cyprus, contemporary Brazil is the land to be taken, the prize for the battle between two models of society: property developers and big corporations on one side, housing resistance and human rights defenders, on the other.


Director: Enrico Masi
Writer: Stefano Migliore, Enrico Masi
Editing: Giuseppe Petruzzellis
Soundtrack: Zende Music
Cinematography: Giuliana Fantoni, Stefano Croci
Starring: Michael J. “Mike” Wells, Marie Billegrav Bryant, Inalva Mendes Brito, Urutau Guajajara, Ash Ashaninka
Language: English, Portuguese
Production company:
Running time: 71 minutes
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Film festivals

- Bergamo International Film Meeting
- Festival Visioni Fuori Raccordo
- Documentaria Noto
- Festival Latino-americano - Trieste