Limbo’s Fragments

A greek portrait of Nawal Soufi


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Limbo’s Fragments shows Moria’s Refugee Camp (nowdays destroyed) and the nearby tent city, located in Lesvos, from Nawal Soufi’s point of view.
Nawal is an Italian-Moroccan human rights activist, who repeatedly campaigned for actions to help all those people who found themselves in the condition of being a refugee.
The documentary takes place in December 2018 and depicts Nawal’s work into the tent city, a limbo where children play amidst metal plates and barbed wire, while adults are left struggling to survive into a micro-society, similar to a post-war wasteland.


Directed by:
Script: Luciano Attinà
Shooting: Luciano Attinà, Salvatore Cavalli
Cinematography: Luciano Attinà, Salvatore Cavalli
Editing: Luciano Attinà
Production: Luciano Attinà, Salvatore Cavalli
Post-production audio: Giovanni Frezza (ARTeSOUND Studio)
Soundtrack: Senderos de viento (Giancarla Rotondi e Domenico Susca), Nicola Olla e Marco B. Carbone
Production: cielioscuriAutoproduzioni
Language: Italian
Running time: 29 minutes
File resolution: