Entre la espada y la pared


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What happens when an important drug meddlar is arrested? What affect has this got on people’s lives and on the country in question?

According to the Forbes Magazine “Entre la espada y la pared” starts with the capture of El Chapo Guzman, one of the ten richest people in the world and later on discusses the unpleasant effect on the stories about Mexico.

The Walls that separate Mexico from the United States, the endurance of poverty, politics that foment unending wars, drug traffic, the trampling on human rights, the poisoning of the ground, the stories of migrants trying to escape from all this misery and not declared wars demonstrate what Mexico is actually like today.

A voyage from Ayotzinapa to Tijuana in the midst of humanity. Journalists likevJose’Gil, Jose’ Reveles, Marta Duran, and the American writer John Gibler offer us a privileged observation of a country where who has to do with information is constantly in danger. Mexico is the place where the greatest number of journalists (reporters) are killed. Alex, twenty years old who survived the Ayotzinapa events, tells us about the night when 43 students disappeared.


Directed by:
Shooting: Ivan Grozny Compasso
Editing: Daniele Conti
Original soundtrack: Giacomo Rado
Animation: Giada Peterle
Co-direction: Riccardo Despali
Production: Zeta Group, Ya Basta Caminantes
Language: Spanish, italian
Running time: 64 minutes