The many pink triangles


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This documentary tells the story of the LGBTIQ+ communities who have suffered persecution, prison and torture for their sexual condition under different military dictatorships in recent decades.
The idea borns from the photographic and archival project for the recovery of the historical memory of the different LGBTIQ+ communities in the world, a chapter of history too often hidden and forgotten.
This first chapter is a journey around Spain, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, countries where the dictatorship has strongly marked the history of the LGBTIQ+ community, oppressed by police regimes and social intolerance.


Directed by:
Script: Luca Gaetano Pira
Camera: Luca Gaetano Pira
Editing: Silvia Procopio
Color correction: Max Valenti
Sound correction: Domenico Ciarelli
Subtitles: Alessia Sisti, Eva Gloria, Luca Artuso, Dani Bareiro
Soundtrack: Las indetectables
Production: Visual Communication Project
Language: Spanish
Running time: 28 minutes
File resolution: