The long road to the Hall of Fame


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Tony King, aka Malik Farrakhan: African-American activist and head of security of R&R legendary Hip Hop band Public Enemy. His life journey from professional football player, next to his brother Tony King, to “Blaxploitation” movie star, going through his religious conversion to Nation of Islam, against the backdrop of 50 years of civil rights movement in the U.S. and the struggle for African-American emancipation. The King Brothers were the first two siblings to play in the same team in 1965. The film include an original soundtrack “black music” featuring Mr Chuck D.


Directed by:
Editing: Davide Polato
Soundtrack: Fabrizio Puglisi
Production: Undervilla
Language: English
Running time: 66 minutes
File resolution:


Film festivals

- Pan African Film Festival “World Première”, Rave Cinema, Los Angeles, Ca, USA.
- Human Rights Nights Festival, Bologne. « Premio della giuria”. IT.
- Creative Commons Global Summit, Seoul, Corée du Sud.
- Little Cabo Verde International Film Festival, Bird Festival, Cape Verd.
- Canton (Ohio) Film Festival. USA.
- Hip Hop Film Festival. New York. USA.
- B-Fest Cinema. Athènes. Grèce.