The western border


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On the snowy slopes of the Val di Susa dozens of men and women try every day to Crossing the Alps to reach France. These border roads, these paths, are not a new route of migration, but for hundreds of years people of every language and colour have been passing through, looking for something different, perhaps better, driven by the power of freedom and dignity. Migration is nothing more than a circular journey of humanity. Turning indifferent to the other side is sometimes more than a risk, because no one save himself on his own.


Directed by:
Editing, shooting: Luigi D'Alife
Drone: Lorenzo Aprà
Translations: Chiara Cattai
Language: Italian, french
Running time: 20 minutes
File resolution:


Film festivals

- Terra di Tutti film festival 2018
- Too short to wait (Anteprima spazio Piemonte 2019)
- Torino Underground Cinefest 2019
- Malatesta short film festival 2019
- Mediterraneo Downtown 2019
- Destinazione sud festival 2019