Flowers in the window


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This is the story of Nadège, Amélie and Léonie who dreamt of flying through the window of a dating website or a webcam, but who will stay in their country, Cameroon. This is also the story of their friendship with the director of this movie, who is in Africa for the first time to meet them and to tell their story.
Premi :
Menzione speciale al Mediterraneo Video Festival di Agropoli
Menzione speciale al Festival di film etnografico di Belgrado
Nominato al Premio Doc It Professional Award 2012


Directed by:
Original music: Robert Gaudreau, Giovanni Princigalli, Pablo Bonacina, Radiodervish
Language: English and French
Production company:
Running time: 50 minutes

Film festivals

- Diaspora African International Film Festival New York
- Festival de cinéma pan africain de Cannes
- Vues d’Afrique Pan Africa Film Festival Montreal
- Festival del cinema africano di Verona
- Ecrans Noirs (Yaoundé)
- Renconters cinématographiques de Bamako
- Festival del Cinema di Sulmona
- Festival International de Nyamina (Mali)
- Black Film Festival Montréal
- Kenya International Film Festival
- Bifest Bari International Film Festival
- Sobate Rencontres documentaires d’Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)
- Giornate del cinema africano di Losanna