Another Lisbon Story


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The Bairro da Torre is an illegal neighborhood near Lisbon, residents are an active part of the decisions of the place where they live and a research group follows the process of inclusion in society.

Born on the side of the current Lisbon airport following illegal occupation by Portuguese, African and gypsy populations, these non-legalized homes are the result of the absence of a policy that has not responded in recent years to the shortcomings and needs of those people with low incomes, who have sought alternative means to “solve” the problem of housing.

A process of inclusion in society of this stigmatized district has started, with the aim of future consolidation and integration through common urban planning, both through practices of self-production, and through movements of citizens in defense of their right to housing, right to place and right to the city.


Directed by:
Editing: Leonardo Botta
Original Soundtrack: Andre David
Cinematography: Claudio Carbone
Language: Portuguese
Running time: 59 minutes
File resolution:


Film festivals

- Festival de Cine, Ciudad y Arquitectura
- Muestra Filmica el Buen Vivir
- FESDA Festival Nacional Cine y Video Comunitario del Distrito de Aguablanca
- MMOB Mimarlar Odası İstanbul Büyükkent Şubesi
- Festival de Cine y Derechos Humanos de Barcelona
- Archcine 2017 - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Arquitetura
- London Labour Film Festival
- Muestra Internacional de Cine Documental Central-Doc Tlaxcala
- Festival delle Terre
- Festival Politica
- Festival Internacional De Cine De Cúcuta - FICCU
- Urban Audiovisual Festival - UAF