Canapa Nostra


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Canapa Nostra” is a shout of the people that wants truth and justice, it is the troubled and passionate story about a forbidden plant that has accompanied humanity in his entire evolutionary history.
The documentary is divided into three chapters:
– “The history of cannabis”, which traces the main stages of agricultural, industrial and legal history
of this plant, from prehistory to prohibition.
– “Therapeutic cannabis”, a clarifying path made of direct testimonies, for an analysis of cannabinoid-based therapies and the obstacles encountered by those who want to cure themselves with cannabis.
– “The return of cannabis”, the final chapter of a still open path, tells the story of the cannabis light phenomenon and illustrates the potential of cannabis in the industrial and food sectors, between the return of an ancient tradition and the new discoveries that are making this plant a resource at the center of world attention, not only for its therapeutic properties.


Directed by: ,
Cinematography: Filippo Grecchi, Francesco Grecchi
Editing: Filippo Grecchi, Francesco Grecchi, Chiara Granata
Production: 2fgBros. Production
Language: Italian, english
Running time: 56 minutes
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