Many beautiful things

Tanti beddi cosi


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“Tanti Beddi Cosi” (Many Beautiful Things) is the Sicilian phrase used by actor Vincent Schiavelli to wish people well. This is the moving story of how he, who gave us unforgettable performances (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Amadeus, Ghost) returns to the Sicilian village of his ancestors, inspired by his grandfather’s stories. He sets out to find his roots and changes everyone he meets.


Directed by:
Subject, editing: Aurelio Gambadoro e Aureliano Garozzo
Shooting, cinematography: Aurelio Gambadoro e Lorenzo Mannino
Soundtrack: Alfio Caruso e Andrè Bonaccorsi
Production: Collective Pictures, Omar Soffici
Cast: Salvo Cuccia, Mimmo Cuticchio, Nino Gianfisco, Santo Lipani, Renata Pucci Di Benisichi, Katia Vitale
Language: Italian, english
Running time: 57 minutes
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Film festivals

- Spacca Doc Fest Panorama – Ispica (Rg)
- I-Art Sicily "Est" Festival - Sicilia è Cinema Documentari - Catania
- Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Frontiera
- Mizzica Film Festival
- Visioni Notturne Sostenibili
- Taormina Film Fest Filmmakers in Sicilia
- Rassegna dei Documentaristi Siciliana