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In 2011, Aziz, a young Ivorian man, escapes from the Ivory Coast: the armed militia of the president elect is looking for him because of his political commitment. He is captured, beaten and tortured. He escapes and starts a desperate journey that takes him to the Italian coast. He crosses the Islamist Mali, the violence of Libyan politicians and he arrives in Europe after five years since his departure, six thousand miles traveled. In Italy, Aziz has to fight against the disorganization of European migration policies.
He now lives in Sarcelles, a banlieue in the north of Paris.
Teslime, Diabate, Habiboullah and Kelvin are African young men who are guests of the Ragusa migrants’ centres managed by Filotea Cooperative. They have made the same experiences of Aziz’s journey. Each chapter of the film is one leg of their journey, with insights by the reporter Nancy Porsia, recounting the Libyan context, by the journalist Giampaolo Musumeci, explaining the mechanisms of human trafficking, and by the lawyer Fulvio Vassallo Paleologo, speaking about the discrepancies between human rights and the European migration policy in recent years.
Shuluq is the Sirocco wind, which covers migration routes. The images of the film are taken from the Calais refugee camp (France), the Idomeni refugee camp (Greece), Libyan prisons, rescues in the Mediterranean Sea, migrants’ centers in Sicily, and the Paris suburbs where Aziz tries to succeed.


Directed by:
Subject: Martina De Polo
Editing: Francesco Saverio Valentino, Alex Scorza, Paolo Marzoni, Giuseppe Petruzzellis
Original Soundtrack: Vanni Fiorelli e Andrea Grigolato
Cinematography: Francesco Saverio Valentino
Production: MaxMan Coop
Language: Italian, english, french
Running time: 55 minutes
File resolution:


Film festivals

- Poverarte film festival Bologna
- Migrarti film festival, Cartabellotta
- Los Angeles CineFest, finalista
- Prisma Indipendent Film Award, Roma, premio best feature doc
- Festival Cinema D’Idea, Roma, semifinalista
- Sotanabe Documentary film and arts festival, Zambia