Io abito Io


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A newborn baby, a street artist, a former detainee, and a hermit. Each with their own awareness to choose, renounce, suffer, love, live. Each embodies a different phase of the existence: the origin of life, youth, adulthood, wisdom.
What they have in common their disconnected lives apparently? Time, or rather, an ideal relationship between time and awareness.


Directed by: ,
Script: Simone G. Bregante
Cinematography: Matteo Canzano
Editing: Simone G. Bregante, Matteo Canzano
Production: Simone G. Bregante, Matteo Canzano
Camera operator: Marco Panetta, Niccolò Casini
Color grading: Terratrema Film
Sound Editing & Audio Post-Production: Fullcode
Soundtrack: Harmaline, Blue Dot Session, Siddharta, Monkeeastronaut, Scott Holmes, Brakhage, Vortichez, Daniel Birch, Meydan, Y & Sabir
Language: Italian
Running time: 68 minutes
File resolution:


Film festivals

- Anatolia International Film Festival 2020 (Istanbul), “Official Selection Best Documentary”
- AltFF – Alternative Film Festival 2020 (Toronto), “Semi-Finalist Best Documentary”
- AltFF – Alternative Film Festival 2020 (Toronto), “Semi-Finalist Best Cinematography”
- TMFF – The Monthly Film Festival 2020 (Glasgow), “Nominee Best Trailer”