Imprisoned lullaby


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Jasmina is a twenty-four-year old girl, remanded in custody in prison. In jail with her, live her younger children: Lolita, a two year-old girl, and Diego, a few months’ baby. Her older son on the contrary lives outside with his grandmother. The movie closely follows the daily life of this small family, as months pass by, between moments of hope, expectation and resistance.
An intimate and sympathetic portrait of motherhood, responsibility, and choices, where vital energy of childhood are able to turn even the prison world into something better.


Directed by:
Subject: Rossella Schillaci, Chiara Cremaschi
Editing: Adrien Facheux, Fulvio Montano
Soundtrack: Giorgio Giampà
Cinematography: Stefania Bona
Production: Indyca, De Films en Aiguille
Language: Italian
Running time: 82 minutes
File resolution: