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Andrea, depressed forty, has just received a bad news, his mother died, he loved her, but never had the courage to speak with her, now he want go back, thank to friend Leonardo, Andrea begins to listen to himself and looking for Francesca, his mother.
He self-built an antenna capable of picking up signals, his adventure begins in the streets of Bologna (Italy), a profound search for the right frequency.


Director: Andrea Recchia
Cinematography: Andrea Recchia
Assistant director: Antonio Scarcia
Camera operator: Lanfranco Marin, Moreno Boldini
Drone operator: Lanfranco Marin
Audio : Andrea Pezzella, Dragan Miladinovic
Lighting engineer: Dragan Miladinovic
Editing: Myoki Studio
Production: Myoki Studio
Language: Italiano
Running time: 90 minutes
File resolution:


Film festivals

- Miglior Lungometraggio al Flick Festival di Londra
- Miglior Attrice "Martina Sacchetti" al ALTFF Festival Ontario Canada
- Miglior Colonna Sonora al Oniros Festival Aosta
- Menzione d'Onore al Florence Festival Firenze
- Miglior Lungometraggio Vegas Movie Awards Las Vegas
- Secondo Miglior Lungometraggio TMFF Festival di Londra
- Miglior lungometraggio indipendente, miglior filmaker, Miglior Attrice Martina Sacchetti, Miglior attore Lorenzo Boesso al Global Film Awards di Los Angeles
- Venice Film Awards
- MP Film Awards
- Calcutta International cult film festival
- Gold Movie Awards
- DMFF Focus International film festival
- Rome Indipendent Prisma awards
- Rieti & Sabina Film Festival
- Under the stars International film festival
- Festival Internazionale del cinema povero
- Mercato Europeo del cinema giovane e indipendente
- Ostia International Film Festival
- LittleRock Italian film festival
- Ravenna nightmare film festival
- Premio Shinema cinema contemporaneo
- Vesuvius International Film Fest