26 de Diciembre


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‘26 de Diciembre’ follows the Fundaciòn 26 de Diciembre, a self-organized elderly LGBTQ* community space in Madrid in 2015, one year after the opening. The communal activities and projects, the meetings on inclusion and the different issues regarding the living together are done by the volunteers, exploring issues of community-building, care, memory, and activism. The small rituals of caring about the space, the cooking and the group meals, interweave with intimate personal stories and broader political issues. While Federico tries to secure funding for a new home, Vanesa points to the urgent need for housing. While Belen and Edoardo debate about forms of political involvement in the present and their relevance for imagining possible futures, ‘Las Rosieras’, former drag performers, recollect the memories of their artistic past, the political climate and nightlife in Madrid, Barcelona and the rest of Spain, and the persecution and abuse suffered during the Franco dictatorship. When new forms of cohabitation, support and presence are and built, there is a space where Alberto and Y. can negotiate the various forms that care, love and kinship can take, and Saray can demand the recognition of rights as a trans woman. ‘26 de Diciembre’ is a portrait of a group of people who struggle to make their utopia a reality.


Directed by:
Subjecy: Silvia Radicioni, Silvia Maggi
Editing: Giuseppe Boccassini
Soundtrack: Eva Sierra
Cinematography: Silvia Garzia
Production: The Sound of Applause (NL)
Language: Spanish
Running time: 68 minutes
File resolution:


Film festivals

- 2017 – Lesgaicinemad, Madrid
- 2018 - Mostra de Cine Divers, Valencia
- 2018 – Salento Rainbow Film Fest, Lecce
- 2018 - Zinentiendo, Muestra de cine LGTBQI, Zaragoza
- 2018 - Tercera Muestra de Cine LGBTIQ, Costa Rica
- 2018 – Queeresima, Cagliari
- 2018 - Fringe! Queer Film and Arts Festival, London
- 2018 - TransFormations - Trans* Film Festival, Berlin