La nostalgia della condizione sconosciuta


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The film puts the public and private figure of Ettore Giuradei, singer-songwriter and theatrical actor in the spotlight, investigating in depth the modalities of the creative act and its impact on the psyche of the man. The focus is on Ettore and his emotions, in the most dramatic moment of his career: the crisis, the questioning of his own expressive form and the decision to leave the stage.
Through Ettore’s experience, the need to give a representation to what we lack and cannot experience, and the impossibility of stopping this need, is explored.

Born as a biographical documentary on the singer-songwriter Ettore Giuradei and his music, the film changes direction when the artist enters a crisis. In a game of representations of emotional states, gravitating between a solid fixed point – Hector’s body – and a surprising and mysterious element – his mind – the exploration of the boundary between social role and dramaturgical role comes into play.


Directed by:
Script: Andrea Grasselli, Ettore Giuradei
Editing: Mauro Rodella
Soundtrack: Maurizio Rinaldi
Production: 5e6
Language: Italiano
Production company:
Running time: 73 minutes
File resolution:


Film festivals

- 37 Torino Film Festival