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“Setting fire to a library is not just a cultural crime…is a theomachy. This is the thing with people who set libraries on fire…These are people whose names should disappear from language”.
Dževad Karahasan

Sarajevolution is a travel through the cultural life of today Sarajevo. We drive on Avdo’s cab through the streets of the city to catch its spirit, its rhythms, to go beyond the postcard image offered to occasional visitors. We want to look at Sarajevo from a new perspective, exploring the places which compose its various cultural landscape. The rich heritage treasured in libraries, museums, theaters, institutions struggling with unsolved political knots…yet culture as the ways in which people give shape to their everyday life, a culture where laugh is a revealing weapon. Knowledge and love for the other were targets consciously hit during the war, and the Vijećnica, the National and University Library destroyed in 1992, represents the most renowned example of it. The heart of our travel is this magnificent building, emptied of its stories and left in ruins for more than 20 years: a place where memory and present tightly intertwine. We pushed our gaze further to explore its surroundings meeting the people whose lives are, in different ways, linked to the story of the building. People
whose work makes this city alive and constantly changing: the actors who record audio books for blind people, the writer who was not able to write about the burned library, the books restorer…every character, every word, every place tells us something about this city. Something that takes distance from the tragedy of the past and makes us wonder about our relation with it.


Directed by:
Subject: Giulia Levi, Marco Rubichi, Federico Giulio Sicurella
Editing: Luca Vigliani
Soundtrack: Maria Teresa Soldani, Niccolò Bosio
Cinematography: Luca Vigliani, Fabrizio Prest
Production: Acting Out
Language: English (with subtitles), italian, bosnian
Running time: 82 minutes
File resolution: