This is not love


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Non è amore questo (This, is not love) is a movie about Barbara. She tells about love and sex. About her childhood and her future, about the search for intimacy, about being a daughter and not a mother. Barbara sheds all of her defenses, and shows herself naked to the audience. Barbara is disabled.

Images describe her everyday life. The camera follows her, spies her, caresses her. It never leaves her, becoming almost an obsession, in a quasi-voyeuristic game that gives the impression of peeking through a keyhole.
It is a game of mirrors. The observer becomes the observed, and both long for each other’s presence.
It is a journey to the discovery of a person. A documentary about love, sex, affection, need.
Body and voice. Words rise like a swollen river, flooding everything – everyday spaces, personal relationships, the wandering search for someone or something. Is this love?

There is no finishing line, no message to understand. There is only Barbara.

Non è amore questo is an experimental short feature that mixes the language of fiction films with those of documentaries and home movies, and with the narrative structure of epistolary journals.
Body and voice, video and audio: the two languages function independently, creating a dialogue of dissonance, superimposition, allusion and silence, that builds a new meaning through juxtaposition.


Directed by:
Subject: Barbara Apuzzo, Teresa Sala e Francesca Garolla
Editing: Maria Chiara Piccolo
Original Soundtrack: Federico Arosio
Cinematography: Sonia Veronelli
Production: Smart It e Noura
Language: Italian
Running time: 33 minutes
File resolution:


Film festivals

- Jury Prize Via Emilia Doc Fest 2018
- Filmmaker Fest 2017
- Domina Domna Festival 2018
- China Woman's film festival 2018
- Sciacca Film Festival 2018
- Some Prefer Cake 2018
- Florence Queer Festival 2018
- Foggia Film Festival 2018
- Immaginaria Film Festival 2019