From a true story


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This is an all female project based on a true story, that deals with the question of suicide, of the feeling of absence and loss, and looks at how Art can be used as a way to save and heal.

Vania is a young woman who is concluding an unfinished work of her mother’s, who had died years before in a car accident. The work is an investigation into the lives of 8 famous artists who committed suicide (Silvya Plath, Marina Cvataeva, Sarah Kane, Amelia Rosselli, Antonia Pozzi, Roberta Tatafiore, Francesca Woodman and Diane Arbus). Carrying out the narrative research of the mother brings her close to that world where questions are left unanswered, and makes her question every aspect of her own existence, to the point where she herself falls into a lucid, psychotic and emotional short circuit where she contemplates and plans her own suicide.
Will this immersion into an art so pure as to prevent any compromise with reality be Vania’s salvation or end?

[a-live] from a true story is born a prequel to a larger project, where the intention is to examine the stories of the artists at the centre of Vania’s research, and develop a series of short films so as to transport us not only into the world of the protagonist but also into the world of each one of the artists.

Even though it starts off telling a real story, the a-live approach is deliberately visionary and dreamlike to underline the fact that the unconscious mind becomes accessible through symbolism, associations and myth.


Directed by:
Film script: Alice Rotiroti
Editing: Alice Rotiroti
Soundtrack: Alessandro Gaffurri
Cinematography: Mirco Sgarzi
Production: Instant Project
Language: Italian
Running time: 13 minutes
File resolution:


Film festivals

- Honorable Mention for "best represented the women's world" - 5° Firenze FilmCorti International Festival
- Best Actress - Medd Film Fest
- Finalist- 40° Festival Internazionale Cinema Donne (IWFF, Firenze)
- Award Best Visual Effect - Worldwide Women's Film Festival (Arizona)
- Finalist - 24th Annual SPE Women’s Film & Video Festival (Cleveland)
- Finalist - Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival (Moscow)
- Finalist- Reggio Film Fest
- Official Selection - Rieti and Sabina Film Fest
- Finalist - Genre Celebration Festival
- Official Selection - Prisma Independent Film Awards
- Semi-Finalist - Dieciminuti Film Festival
- Award Best Editing - Gulf of Naples Film Festival
- Official Selection - New York International Film Festival
- Finalist - RiFF River Film Festival
- Finalist - Sardinia Film Festival
- Best Set Design - Elba Film Festival
- Finalist Oporto Film Festival