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A group of ten ex metalworkers, who are now retired, is back to work in the companies which they worked all their life for. But this time they’re on the other side, they will be principals and teachers of a strange and original school, which has its own production line inside a jail. They will teach 13 workers/detainee their job, they’ll work with them to build an high-tech packaging machine. This movie is about a deep human relationship laying its foundations on transfer of knowledge, overturning the freedom/imprisonment relationship. Learning the right screw to use becomes a metaphor for not screwing your life. Who learn the most at the end of the day? Who gets out of the jail? The ex-worker, the detainee of the product?


Directed by:
Executive producer: Donata Zanotti
Edited by: Stefano Massari
Original music: Tetes de Bois, Monica Demuru, Carlo Amato
Cinematography: Stefano Massari
Language: Italian
Production company:
Running time: 81 minutes