The songs of the lonely backyard


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Ehsan is imprisoned inside a network of underground tunnels. In the empty spaces he walks, the only companies he has are those of his lighter and of his faded memories. His hope is to find the light of the sun again.
Joseph is a Nigerian guy who has crossed the hell, in a journey that led him through the civil war of Libya. Arrived in Italy from few months, he try to find himself and the road for his future, surrounded by the fog among the mountains.
To separate them, the metaphysical space of a ruined civilization. The human ruins are covered by the green of nature, in a world from which human presence seems to have disappeared.


Directed by: ,
Editing and cinematography: Elia Andreotti, Pietro Francesco Pingitore
Original soundtrack: Luigi Monteanni, Matteo Pennesi, Francesco Zedde
Language: Italian, english
Running time: 52 minutes
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