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Documentary film about the historic porn cinema of Ferrara, housed in a deconsecrated church dating from the 10th century. The documentary focuses on the people who works (or worked) there and spectators who go there everyday.
In the Mignon is possible to watch a wide selection of porn classics and rarities, even the famous Deep Throath, but also erotic art films like Borowczyk’s The Beast and Zulawski’s Possession.
The story also gives the occasion for a reflection about moral prejudices, bigotry and the old idea of small cinema, an idea soon destined to disappearance.


Directed by:
Editing, shooting, cinematography: Massimo Alì Mohammad
With: Michele Poletti, Nello Poletti, Franco Talamini; Francesco Scafuri, Arnaldo Botti, Gianni Vallieri, Giordano Ferraresi, Gabriele Caveduri, Leonardo Scalambra.
Original Soundtrack: Avantgarde
Production: Ass.ne di Promozione Sociale Feedback, Centro Audiovisvi Comune di Ferrara
Language: Italian
Running time: 77 minutes

Film festivals

- Doc inTour 2013
- 27° Festival MIX Milano (2013)
- 6° Mantova Film Festival (2013)
- KasselerDokFest (2013)
- DocUnder30 (2013)
- 19° Queer Lisboa Festival (2015)