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Anastasia was born in San Nicola dell´Alto, a small village in Calabria of arbëreshë origin, where she spent her teenagehood. She has been living in Bolonia for more than 15 years.
In the city her life runs quiet if it weren´t for that constant call from her own roots. Two worlds meet and confront each other in her mind daily: on one side the modern and visionary Bolonia on the other Hora ( the village), an atavistic place suspended in time. Each summer she faces her long train journey to get home. crossing Italy from North to South, between changes, coincidences and conversations, almost like a sacred ritual towards her own land.
This time Anastasia decides to share her journey with a friend. An unexpected adventure begins that will lead her to her inside world as well as the discovery of the mosaic of cultures which contradicts her.


Directed by: Maria Alba, Graziana Saccente
Screenwriter: Maria Alba, Graziana Saccente
Film script: Maria Alba
Sound direction and visual effects: Graziana Saccente
Cinematography: Matteo Catacchio
Editing: Claudio D’Elia, Cristian Rizzuti
Color correction: Alice Lorenzon
Sound design: Roberto Latini
Soundtrack: Lule lule, BGKO - Barcelona Gispy Balkan Orchestra, Red B.P.M, Giovanni Cristino e Giuseppe Pascucci, Loscil
Production: Stefano Benni - Wolf Film
Assistant production: Michele Sproviero
Supervisione editing: Cristian Rizzuti
Fondo filmico: Don Enzo Rizzuti
Language: Arbëreshë, italian
Running time: 26 minutes
File resolution:


Film festivals

- XX festival del cinema europeo - Lecce (2019)
- Giornate del cinema albanese - Casa del cinema - Roma (2019)
- Sguardi altrove film festival - Milano (2019)
- Cala film fest - Rende (2019)
- Sardinia film festival (2019)
- Mediterraneo video festival (2019)
- Babel film festival (2019)
- Evò ce esù - Visioni - Incontri di confine, tra Visi e Parlate (2019)
- Bellaria Film Festival - Cultura sul web estate (2020)