When you can’t go back


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Among the passengers at Fiumicino airport, there’s Obaida, a bright engineering student who miraculously arrives in Rome thanks to a scholarship. He used to dream of becoming a singer but the war changed his priorities. Obaida is on his own, his family remained in Syria. When everything is lost, starting over seems impossible. But life never ceases to surprise Obaida: He will sing at “The Voice”, he will graduate with honors and his path will cross other lives and stories. Though he looks lost at the airport arrivals, Obaida seems to know where to go despite not knowing the way.
With his extraordinary story and his courageous example, Obaida offers the spectator a different perspective on Syria in its war years, allowing us to know the Syrian culture regardless of the tragic state it is currently in.


Directed by:
Editing: Erika Manoni
Original Soundtrack: Dina Madi
Cinematography: Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso
Production: Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso
Language: Italian, english, arabic
Running time: 65 minutes
File resolution:


Film festivals

- Visioni dal mondo -Italy 2019
- 37°Bellaria Film Festival – Italy 2019
- 25°Kolkata Film Festival – India 2019
- 25°Med Film Festival – Italy 2019
- Golden Earth Film Award – Best documentary 2019