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Angiò is an experimental film that wants to pay tribute to Lorenzo Viani’s art.
First work directed by Leonardo Palmerini, he uses live footage transformed graphically to get closer to the painter and engraver Viani, as well as writer.
Because it was Viani who “suggested” the screenplay of the feature film as the author of the novel “Angiò uomo d’acqua”.

Lorenzo Viani (1882-1936) approached the expressionist current of the early 1900s, characterized by a very strong realistic charge, he has always felt attracted to the poorest and most derelict whom he has portrayed and told through an intense and at times extremely melancholic painting / narrative.
The film tells the story of Angelo Bertuccelli, small in stature, with a strong and proud character in a deformed physique, sailor, like most some of the men of that time, who escaped the fury of the winds, vowed not to face the sea anymore.
He consumes his increasingly isolated life away from the malice of the people who mock his grotesque appearance, in a whirlwind of despair and rebellion.
The giant-hearted dwarf will end his life overwhelmed by the waves of madness, drowned in a deep sea “a man of water”, as expected by a hostile fate


Directed by:
2d/3d animation: Leonardo Palmerini
Editing: Maurizio Bottazzi, Leonardo Palmerini
Sound design: Zero+ studio/Studio Attico
Soundtrack: Le Onde Martenot
Audio editing: Maurizio Bottazzi, Roberto Passuti
Video operator: Fabio Ferracane, Maurizio Bottazzi, Stefano Leone
Video compositing: Zero+ studio
Costumes: Velarifaccio
Set photos: Paolo Vezzoni, Simone Bazzichi
Production: Zero+ studio
Language: Italian
Running time: 75 minutes
File resolution: