Nothing happened


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2011, Spring. While in Italy newspapers, televisions, and the government focus on the “emergency” of immigrants in Lampedusa, and while in the Middle East the Arab Spring sprouts, “Nothing happened” is the meeting with three people of the island, who tell us more than the mainstream media.


Directed by:
Cinematography: Carmelo Arezzo
Edited by: Sabino Parise
Floor sound engineer: Francesco Pea
Sound design: Marco Ober
Assistant editor: Franca Mere
Artwork and color grading: Vitacaneshot
Music: Aucan e Dancas Ocultas
Research and development team: Emanuele Benvenuti, Paolo Caroli, Paolo De Carli, Elisa Molinari, Pasquale Mormile, Alessandro Nicoletti, Isabella Ossana, Francesco Pea, Patrizia Toss e Massimiliano Vaccari
In cooperation with: Centro Astalli
Supported by: Consiglio della provincia autonoma di Trento
Produced by: Paolo De Carli, L.I.M.EN
Co-produced by: Asut e Jump Cut
Language: Italian
Running time: 37 minutes

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