Our oil?

Costs and consequences of drilling in Italy


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In Italy 213 gas and oil extraction authorisations are already active, while 157 more are pending. The purpose of the government is to double the production of hydrocarbon before 2020, and to reach this goal they are approving projects above aquifers, in earthquake zones, and even near active undersea volcanoes, and the oil companies are helped with one of the most low-priced taxation systems in the world.

Is this a forward-looking choice? What about the environmental and social consequences? “Our oil?” takes the viewer to the places of Italian black gold rush to find an answer to these questions.


Directed by:
Sound editing: Vasco Fondra
Original music: Claudio Cadei
Camera operators: Fabio Butera, Francesco Di Martino, Giuseppe Portuesi
Motion Graphics: Isabella Urru
Narrator: Francesco Bruno
Artwork: Dino Balliana, Nicola Zambelli
In cooperation with: FrameOff
Language: Italian
Production company:
Running time: 40 minutes