Un altro passo sulla terra


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West Venice, East Constantinople. A man living at the periphery of the Empire, an island of the Croatian archipelago. A decision is to be made on our imaginary roundabout in the middle of nowhere. The village of Velo Grablje lies in a region at the end of global Europe, with its five last inhabitants, and a female voice, standing as the Delphic oracle.
Then we find a French woman raised in Morocco, who decided to live on the island of Hvar. War, death, the legacy of socialism, mass tourism; all seen through the relationship between Ivana and her uncle, Sinai Zaninovic.


Director: Alberto Gemmi, Enrico Masi
Writer: Alberto Gemmi, Enrico Masi, Stefano Migliore
Editing: Diego Berrè
Soundtrack: Zende Music
Cinematography: Alberto Gemmi
Starring: Sinai Zaninovic, Leila Amacker, Mateo Vailati
Language: Italian, French
Production company:
Running time: 29 minutes
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Film festivals

- Torino Film Festival
- Genova Film Festival
- Visioni Italiane
- Human Rights Nights - Cineteca di Bologna
- Festival del Documentario d'Abruzzo
- DOA - Beaux Arts - Bologna
- Festival del Documentario di Oppido Lucano
- Festival della Paesologia di Aliano
- Lastovo Film Festival
- EtnofilmFest - Monselice