In the shadow of the giant


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Maletto, a little town in the shadow of the Etna. A starving economy, agriculture is the main activity. This place have little resources, but the inhabitants find themselves facing immigration, coming mainly from Romania. A human wave only equipped with its own desperation. But these inhabitants demonstrate an unexpected solidarity, and many stories of humanity emerge from it.

There are three main episodes. The first one’s about a janitor, near to his retirement, who tells about his friendship with a Romanian girl, a young farmer that dreams of having a driver’s license and to finally drive a car. The second one is the story of two farmers from Eastern Europe that share every moment of the day: the bed, breakfast, work, passions, drinking. Despite their age and their faces showing an hard life, their love story seems a story of two adolescents. The epilogue is about Angela. She is a Romanian maid who, with honesty, tells us about her marriage of interests with an old men whom she worked for.


Directed by: ,
Edited by: Giuseppe Pietro Tornatore
Cinematography: Valentina Belli
Original music: Rita Botto
Produced by: Alessandro Pezza, Zelia Carbone
Language: Italian
Running time: 45 minutes