Best before

The London food revolution


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From the roofs to the ships in the canals of the Tamigi, from the community gardens to farmers’ markets, the Londoners are taking back control of their food chain, one garden after another. “Best before: the London food revolution” is a short documentary about this revolution. In the past few years more than 2000 new community gardens sprouted in the English Capital City. Best Before tells the reasons of this change and shows the different aspects and protagonists of this movement.

In London, a bunch of supermarkets control the food chain, an incredible quantity of food is wasted every day and the natural and fresh foods are a privilege for the rich, while the majority has to be happy with low-quality food, fat and with a lot of sugar. The obesity rate is above the floor between the poorest people. According to some experts, the continuous growth of energy costs is worsening the food crisis in UK. Best Before explains who takes advantage of this system, but above all shows what the Londoners are doing to take back the production, distribution and consumption of foods in London.

Best Before follows the protagonists of London’s “food revolution”, with interviews with academic experts, journalists and policy advisors.


Directed by:
Screenplay by: Ben Mann, Giuseppe Cioffo
DP: Chris Atkins
Audio post-production: Jack Hextall
Cinematography: Ben Mann, Jack Hextall
Original music: Sam Watherald
Produced by: Ben Mann e Giuseppe Cioffo
Language: English
Running time: 33 minutes