Where the valley ends


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We’re in Val di Scalve, the same valley where the Povo, on the 1st of December 1923, caused the disaster of the Gleno dam: 90 years later life keeps flowing.

This documentary starts from that turmoil of mud to tell the life of people who live today in this area. They have a strong relationship with nature surrounding them. Men using the mountains as bearings, in a continuous self-discovery. Young men that choose to climb mountains which may seem out of reach, with their bare hands and their head. There’s who comes from far away to find a new job and a new environment and who can’t forget that December of 1923, making a precious testimony for the new generations out of its memory.

The mountain gives us a high point of view, only seemingly indifferent to the world at its feet.



Directed by:
Edited by: Maria Chiara Piccolo
Cinematography: Licia Castoro, Giuseppe Portuesi e Francesco Di Martino
Original music: Tapso II – Rough red beauty, Giovanni Fiderio – suite for Gleno, Mashrooms Babosa, Bepi & The Prismas – Kentucky, Giovanni Fiderio e Danilo Garro musica trailer
In cooperation with: Piano D
Language: Italian
Production company:
Running time: 56 minutes