Rino: my war hatchet


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As a kid, Andrea had one hero: “Rino”. Partisan, communist: different from anyone.

Andrea’s been thinking about a movie about Rino for years. But today Rino is not able to tell stories anymore: he has Alzheimer’s. Andrea plays lots of cassettes of his friend and his relationship with Rino changes; who yesterday was a hero, today is a man to take care of.



Directed by:
Story by: Chiara Cremaschi, Andrea Zambelli
Edited by: Ilaria Fraioli
Original music: Giulio Ciccia, with Marco Offredi and Walter Buonanno
Cinematography: Andrea Zambelli, Andrea Zanoli
Produced by: Metavisioni, Rossofuoco, Lab80film
Language: Italian
Running time: 56 minutes