Historia Do Futuro


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Historia do Futuro is a documentary about the impact of Mega events. Two main stories become an opportunity to discuss the Brazilian contemporary situation: the scattering of the utopic community “Vila Autodromo” for the Olympic Park, and the eviction of the “Universidade Indigena” based in the Aldeia Maracanà. A story of violence and oppression that involves the indigenous emergency and the economical crisis. The Olympic organization is moving like a spaceship over the planet, rising above the Nation and spreading out its model of development.
The second Olympics in south America (after Mexico City 1968) takes place in the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, symbol of the joint venture between global tourism and sports, two years later of the controversial World Cup of 2014. The planetarian meltdown reached the emerging giant country, not only in terms of economic recession and corruption, but due to the change in the social perception of reality, while an authoritarian drift undermines the democratic principles hardly conquered with a new constitution in 1988.
Historia do Futuro is the name of an ancient millenarist book written by Antonio Vieria, a Portuguese jesuit (1608–1697) who consecrated his life to the evangelization of natives Brazilian peoples.This book, published after his death in 1718, is one of the most frightening oeuvres of the whole Baroque culture. Historia do Futuro tell us a story about a dystopian future, where the Brazilian Empire – to be considered as the fifth one after Assyrians, Persians, Greeks and Romans – is going to rule the planet with power and prestige.


Director: Enrico Masi
Writer: Alessandra Maisani, Enrico Masi
Editing: Anna Sandrini, Enrico Masi
Soundtrack: Paolo Poggio, Zende Music
Cinematography: Simone Gambelli
Starring: Urutau Guajajara, Inalva Mendes Brito, Maynoumì, Ash Ashaninka, José Carlos Levinho e il contributo speciale di Paulo Freire
Language: Portuguese
Production company:
Running time: 51 minutes
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Film festivals

- Festival della Terra - Cineteca Nazionale di Roma, 2016
- International Premiere: Moviemento Kino – Berlin, 2017