The Golden Temple


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Like a kid trying to fill the sea with infinite sand, a titanic and apocaliptic need: to understand the Olimpics process, and his temples. Considering the whole matter as an organic, massive phenomenon, coincidentally happening in London (2012).
The Golden Temple : the consumer society as seen from the next Olympic Games’ building site.
Different stories from East London presenting a bleak picture of modern capitalism, between crisis and “regeneration”. London 2012 as a mirror of present times, starting from the biggest shopping mall in Europe – Westfield: set route to the Olympic village.


Director: Enrico Masi
Writer: Enrico Masi, Mike Wells, Lorenzo Masi
Editing: Giuseppe Petruzzellis
Soundtrack: Zende Music
Cinematography: Giuliana Fantoni
Starring: Apostle Ben, Michael J. “Mike” Wells, Sue Jackson, Tonia Richardson, Iain Sinclair, John Toland, Osita Madu, Robb Williams, Julian Cheyne
Language: English
Production company:
Running time: 70 minutes
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Film festivals

- World Premiere Venice Film Festival – Giornate degli Autori
- International Film Festival - International Premiere Reykiavjk
- Festival dei Popoli – Firenze
- Document 10 - Glasgow
- Sulmona Cinema
- Salina Festival del Documentario Narrativo
- Urbanize! - Wien
- Ciudad Reveladas - Buenos Aires
- Festival de Uruguay
- PUC – Sao Paulo
- Humboldt University – Berlin
- Lastovo Film Festival
- Belas Artes – Porto