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Retracing the footsteps of his grandfather and his mythical journey of 1958 on the river Rhine, from Basel to Rotterdam, Ettore and his friends Alexis, Luca and Carlo cross western Europe, descending the same river at a distance of 60 years, aboard a small dinghy.
During the navigation, the river Rhine becomes a metaphor of the exploitation of man on the natural landscape as the journey becomes an intimate moment of reflection and a dialogue between two generations on friendship and personal relationships.
The meetings, always random and fortuitous, give back, through a mosaic of stories, a portrait of life and everyday life along one of the most industrialized rivers of Europe.


Directed by: ,
Subject: Ettore Camerlenghi
Editing: Stefano Croci
Music Design: Enrico Masi – Zende Music
Cinematography: Alexis Ftakas
Original Soundtrack: Antonio Cavicchioni
Illustrations: Margherita Paoletti
Production: Caucaso Factory
With the support: Archivio Superottimisti - AMNC (Associazione Museo Nazionale del Cinema)
Language: Italian, english, german
Running time: 62 minutes
File resolution:


Film festivals

- 25a Visioni italiane 2018, Bologna-Italy
- -Lucania Film Festival 2019, Pisticci-Ialy (Best International Feature Documentary Film, Lu-cania Film Festival 2019 )
- Edera Film Festival 2019, Treviso-Italy
- Sottodiciotto Film Festival 2019, Torino-Italy