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Sergio is a screenwriter over 50 in crisis: reality always surpasses fantasy and no longer knows what to invent. The pandemic forces him into domestic confinement in solitude and the fear of contagion makes him paranoid.
Until a funny little man knocks on his door, the virus himself who places himself on the sofa, an unwelcome and intrusive guest.
The long forced coexistence is very complicated, but as the days pass it also becomes an opportunity for confrontation and confrontation. Is it a nightmare or is it reality?
The Host is a comic short film, which ironically tackles the most thorny issues raised by the Covid19 epidemic, in a surreal, grotesque and dreamlike atmosphere. It is also a way to satire on all the consequences and our behavior in this period, without forgetting the grief and pain it caused.
Finally, an opportunity to review the evocative and already historical images of a deserted Bologna during the lockdown.


Directed by:
A film by: Paolo Muran, Emilio Marrese
Editing: Anna Sandrini
Costumes and set design: Sara Gorgoglione
Cinematography: Roberto Beani
Soundtrack: Luciano Baraldi
Starring: Orfeo Orlando
Production: Paolo Muran DOC
In collaboration with: AsaAudiovisivi, VideoPress, Florian Cinetv
Language: Italian
Running time: 35 minutes
File resolution: