Green Lies

The dark side of green energy


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The advent of renewable energy is an authentic economic and cultural revolution, that could free humanity from an energetic production based on fossil fuel, with all the geopolitical, economic and medical consequences.

But the develop of renewable energy in Italy is somehow anomalous, and the risk is to completely frustrate those virtuosity that could come from it.

“Green Lies” shows these anomalies, often exasperated because of economic speculation and that have negative consequences.

We met three citizens committee from different cities: Camugnano (Bologna) for wind power, Salento (Lecce) for solar power and Monte Amiata (Tuscany) for geothermal power. Three stories that will help us going into deep in the problem and to see what the possible solutions are.

Knowing that renewable energies could really be a cultural and economic revolution, but only if they will become available to all, and not just for a few.


Directed by: ,
Camera operators: Gero Greco, Nicola Zambelli
Audio post-production: Vasco Fondra
Original music: Claudio Cadei, Luca Figliuoli
Edited by: Andrea Paco Mariani, Angelica Gentilini, Isabella Urru
Set crew: Isabella Urru, Paolo Bonapace
Floor sound engineer: Viktor Bošnjak
Interviews and counseling: Lucie Greyl, CDCA, ASud Onlus (Roma)
Narrator: Francesco Bruno
Artwork and color grading: Nicola Zambelli, Isabella Urru
Language: Italian
Production company:
Running time: 68 minutes