Triflusso – On The Move

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Triflusso a.k.a. Zoro, Jhona and Caleb, are part of the On The Move crew, born in the hip-hop studio based in Bologna that for years had his home inside XM24.

This album, “Triflusso”, favours minimal and rough sounds, mixing together in a vertigo of beats, with a strong research on language. The lyrics are abstract and hermetic, with an hypnotic and never random flow.

“…This world flows following rules that we can barely imagine, understand that flow, decompose it; and then compose it again. This is alchemy.”



  1. Intro / Master (prod. FatoW scratch Dj Dima)
  2. Questione di Flussi (prod. Kintsugi)
  3. Check In (prod. FatoW)
  4. BBoy Fieri (prod. Big Lox)
  5. Frattura (prod. Big Lox)
  6. ZetaZen (prod. FatoW)
  7. Tutto scorre (Skit)
  8. Omega (prod. Demi T. scratch Dj Django)
  9. Onde d’Urto (prod. GutenBerg)
  10. Spazzatura (Buttata Lì) (prod. FatoW)
  11. Senti Quanto è Vivo Il Suono (prod. FatoW)
  12. In Guardia (prod. FatoW,contrabbasso Peppe, scratch Dj Lugi)
  13. Mirna (prod. Kintsugi)


Author: Triflusso – Caleb, Jhona, Zoro
Lyrics: Triflusso – Caleb, Jhona, Zoro
Mixing: Res Beatzunami
Artwork: Andrea Delliquatri aka Delli (Kmaiuscola)
Beat: Kintsugi, FatoW, GutenBerg, BigLox
Scratch: Dj Lugi, Dj Dima, Dj Django
Master: Res
Recording: Studio Dubzilla
Executive producer: On The Move (Davide Cobbe, Emanuele Franco)
Lenght: 39 minutes


Questione di Flussi