Something Left Vol. 2 – Resho

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Something abandoned, forgotten, left aside.

Hidden songs on magnetic disks and notepads, found after years, to be keystones of a personal research path.

Frames collected going back through an arduous journey. Emotions coming back from their own oblivion, still contemporary, carved on beats and rhythms that can still nurture them.

To found again a human sensibility and its symbols, living in the circuits of an integral reality.

Something politic. Not to forget that reality always asks for a different and ineffable level allowing to analyse and observe it. Because breathing is political.

Always remembering that we only get tired if we stop searching.


  1. Asfissia 01:16
  2. Quel che resterà 03:00
  3. Universi di protesta – ft. Astio 03:45
  4. Pisciaci su – ft. Non Dire Chaz 03:50
  5. Mezzo e Mezzo – ft. Nevek 04:54
  6. Narcotici da Stress – ft. Astio 04:08
  7. Il nulla – ft. Nevek e Non Dire Chaz 03:02
  8. Alcool e Sceriffi – ft. Jago 03:40
  9. Naufragati – ft. Astio 02:48
  10. Sono retrò 03:03
  11. La mia scuola RMX 03:07
  12. Se tutto sembra perso 02:41
  13. Il senso del cercare 03:43


Author: Resho, Mastrobeat
Lyrics: Resho, Nevek, Astio, Jago
Mixing: Mastrobeat
Artwork: Stefano Resciniti
Beat: Mastrobeat, Non Dire Chaz
Master: Alessandro Siani
Lenght: 43 minutes


Alcool e sceriffi