An ephemeral madness

The movie about the Par Tot Parade


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In a day of June, in Bologna, something unexplainable happens: a crowd invades the streets and the squares, with strange clothes and colourful floats.

For one day the city becomes a giant open-air improvisation theatre made of performances, juggling, dances, floats and sounds.

This is the Par Tòt Parade, that from more than 10 years crosses the streets of Bologna for one day.

Come with us in a journey inside the creative process that, in the 8 months before the Parade, builds the final event.

Along with “Associazione Oltre…” we’ll show you the studios, the ideas, the dreams and the problems of the Par Tòt Experience, one of the biggest artistic streets parades of Europe.


Directed by:
Shooting and editing: Angelica Gentilini, Gero Greco
Audio post-production: Vasco Fondra
Composer: Luca Figliuoli
Artwork: Nicola Zambelli, Michele Lapini
Floor sound engineer: Viktor Bošnjak
Original music: Les touches louches
Animation: Margherita Zacchi
Language: Italian
Production company:
Running time: 58 minutes