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2006. Who is the man on the flight Ulan Bator – Dalian? What’s he doing in a small fishing village lost in Manchurian mists? Who sent him on a mission in China?

For which reason he is going to meet the Archbishop Bergoglio, the future Pope Francis? Everything seems real and unreal at the same time, but this is absolutely normal when you are in that middle earth where true and false go hand in hand


Directed by:
Subject: Gabriele Monaco, Massimo Giovara, Lucio Lionello
Edited by: Damiano Monaco
Music: CODS, Giorgio Li Calzi, Andrea Cremisi
Cinematography: Massimo Giovara
Production: H12 FILM
Language: Italian
Running time: 77 minutes

Film festivals

- Venice film Week 2016
- Dong Film Fest 2016