Le terre di tutti


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The Monti Sibillini National Park situated in central Italy’s Apennine Mountains, hardly hit by the 2016-17 earthquake, is home to an old form of collective properties known as “Comunanze Agrarie.” Such forms of collective living stood over the centuries as ways to face poverty and the hardship of life in rural and inaccessible mountainous areas. Drawing on interviews with women and men living in these territories and making isolation their strength, “Le terre di tutti” traces back the recent history of these collective properties by posing urgent questions on the present challenges of preserving the environment for future generations.


Direction: Ferdinando Amato, Marilin Mantineo
Editing, cinematography: Ferdinando Amato
Production: Emidio di Treviri e Brigate di Solidarietà Attiva - Marche
Language: Italian
Running time: 55 minutes
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