Until the sun dies


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Adan and Byron, two indigenous people from Terraba in Costa Rica, show us the daily life and resistance of the current Native American peoples, between the re-appropriation of the land and the rediscovery of a lost identity.
The documentary follows the story of two young native friends, with different strategies of resistance, linked by a feeling of belonging to their roots and the desire to redeem a lost identity. Within a territory tormented by arson and continuous forest cuts to create intensive cow pastures, where the response of these communities is to reforest to continue to live in their ancestral landscape.
Adan is part of a movement that claims the original lands of Terraba in the struggle for its right to the territory against the policies of the indigenous association for development. Byron prefers to travel to Panama to meet his native community, where the language is still spoken and the community culture is still preserved.


Directed by:
Cinematography: Claudio Carbone
Production: Garden Films / Bruno Cabral
Editing: Claudia Rita Oliveira
Music: Andre David
Audio post-production: Miguel Cabral
Video post-production: Marco Amaral
Language: Spanish
Running time: 75 minutes
File resolution:


Film festivals

- DocLisboa (October, 2019), Portugal. “World Premier”
- Pollino Doc (August, 2020), Italy. Awarded “Premio Luigi Di Gianni”
- Cine+Video Indigena (September, 2020), Chile
- Other Movie Lugano (October, 2020), Svizzera. “Festival opening film”
- Seattle Latino Film Festival (October, 2020), USA
- Clorofilla Film Festival (October, 2020), Italy
- Regard Bleu (October, 2020), Zurich, Switzerland
- ICARO Film Festival (December, 2020), Guatemala
- Festival del Cinema Africano, d'Asia e America Latina (March, 2021) Italy
- Freiburger Film Forum (May, 2021), Germany